FWL :: Street Artists We Love :: TrustoCorp

FWL :: Street Artists We Love :: TrustoCorp

Street Artists We Love :: TrustoCorp – Friends We Love

If you’re a registered Tea Party Republican, then you should probably look away.  But if you’re a part of the 99 percent and refuse to be complacent with the American ‘okie doke’ then allow me to introduce to you the vigilante oriented group known as TrustCorp.

This Brooklyn-based group of street artists who identify themselves more with “Fight Club” than an art collective, are quickly catching notoriety in New York City (as well as across the nation) for their politically charged street art and gallery work.  Children of the George Carlin era, (I presume) have plastered their work all around the city reflecting the same message: we must learn to question EVERYTHING!

Their most recent art show entitled, “Life Cycle” explored the topic of growing up and dying American — and how the mass media has become a destructive over-compulsive daily consumption.  All featured pieces in the show were very tongue-in-check, but with a political undertone making the experience refreshing yet pensive.

If curiosity peeks, here are a few pics from their “Life Cycle” exhibition at the Opera Gallery in Soho, New York.

Also, their most recent collaborative efforts include a music video featuring Everlast for his new single, “I Get By”.  The music video was shot “guerrilla-style” and in black and white to maintain that militant theme.  Enjoy!

— Roz Baron

TurstoCorp • Flickr 

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