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Friends We Love: Exhibits We Love :: F*CK ART at the Museum of Sex

Last Thursday night, at the Museum of Sex in New York City (also known as MoSex) anticipation ran high to see the museum’s latest exhibition entitled, “F*CK ART.” The show features select pieces of 20 artists with unconventional approaches to street art — pushing the boundaries of sexuality in public space. The exhibition runs the gamut and is rousingly satisfying.

Even before you step foot into the museum, the lobby greets its visitors with an outstanding 14 foot long bike, artists William Thomas Porter and Andrew H. Shirley, lovingly call, “The Fuck Bike #001″ This installation piece consists of multiple bikes conjoined to a prosthetic phallus. And, yes, it does exactly what the title suggests.

The third floor features a cohesion of kink, but every piece has its signature statement. Take for instance, Brooklyn-based street artist DICKCHICKEN. His phallic prints on iconic cartoon characters gives his piece a great sense of humor — making the statement that art can allow itself to be funny. His artistry is whimsical yet playful, giving his work a reminiscent feel to artists of yesteryear.  So much so, that DICKCHICKEN’s work has been compared to the legendary late artist, Keith Haring — and for that reason, one of his portraits in this show is inspired by him.

Now, if you’re looking for an artist who embodies nonconformity and enjoys the salaciousness of explicit sexuality, then LUSH is your man. The Melbourne native is making a splash across the globe for his less than subtle work. His in-your-face and “fuck ‘em all” attitude is charming in that Marquis de Sade-kind of way. His peculiar ice-cream concoction, plus, half-naked servers, really gives his contribution to the show that extra spunk. (no pun intended)

And lastly, but certainly not least, the work of Miss Van (watch her Friends We Love profile below). Three portraits were exclusively made for this exhibition. Two hang from opposite walls, while a third is showcased in a wooden panel box with a low dim light.  All three paintings are demure in composition and seem like intimate moments of these regal-esque characters with a dark side.

However, the third piece is a stark contrast to the first two, in that the hanging pieces have a sinister-esque appearance to them, while the third seems more intimate. The third painting is much smaller, and its tones are warm and inviting.  Giving us voyeurs a “window” (in a manner of speaking) into the inner passions of this third character. Coy, silent yet bold would be my choice of words to describe all three pieces — definitely a must see!

The “F*CK ART” exhibition is currently on display at the Museum of Sex in New York City.  Show will run until June 10th, 2012. Do yourself a favor and go check it out now.

Roz Baron

Photos of the “F*CK ART event were a collaborative effort between ArtByDjboy and myself.
View more pics of the “F*CK ART” exhibition.
View pics of the Museum of Sex.

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