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AARON OBLVN‘S latest show, “100 Painitings” at the Klughaus Gallery is a blast from the past. This past Saturday was the opening for “100 Paintings” by the Portland, Oregon-based artist and cartoonist encompassing more than 100 pieces dedicated to his influences and his love of cartoons. The show highlights cartoon characters of yesteryear with a contemporary edge (e.g. ‘Felix The Cat’ as an art thief and ‘Dennis the Menace’ as a vandal) — but do not let the content of the pieces fool you; it’s not all kids play. Some pieces appear to have a political edge, but according to Aaron he believes in leaving the interpretation up to the viewer.

With this being his first show in New York City, he wanted to make this exhibition extra special — hence the 100 works! “I’ve been drawing my whole life, but really focusing on this style for about three years now — but not on this scale,” says OBLVN. “I read once in a sign painting comic strip by [cartoonist] Justin Green that it takes about 100 hours of brushing before you finally get your lettering down,” says OBLVN of one of the motives behind sitting down to tackle the daunting task of creating one hundred pieces of art for a single show.”  So, I figured if I did 100 characters, I would definitely get some good practice in.  I can tell from the first cartoons I started doing a few years ago that I’ve gotten better.  It’s always great to see your own progress.”

In addition to breaking the gallery record for the highest number of works in a single show, the breath and depth of OBLVN’s body of playful, accessible work makes “100 Paintings” a show with literally something for everyone.

In addition to an extensive body of work, exhibiting his work throughout the country, OBLVN has exhibited at many prestigious galleries along the west coast.  Most recently, his work was featured in MoCA’s highly praised “Art in the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles, California.

AARON OBLVN’s “100 Paintings” is on display from now until April 1, 2012 at the Klughaus Gallery. Located at 47 Monroe Street, New York, NY (Chinatown/LES). For more information about the gallery and its exhibitions, please visit:  http://www.klughaus.net

— Roz Baron


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