FWL :: Musicals We Love:: ‘Death of the Diva’

FWL :: Musicals We Love:: Death of the Diva

TV programming has definitely evolved throughout the years, but has it changed for the better?  We’re now living in a society that considers scripted sitcoms (e.g. The Cosby Show, A Different World) a dinosaur and realty TV a virtual goldmine. In this age of media over-saturation and reality TV fame, the delineation between fantasy and reality is quickly disappearing.  There is no doubt we are living in the cult of celebrity, but when it starts to devalue the importance of education and trivialize the hard work and accomplishments of prominent women — therein lies the problem.

Thankfully, TV/web personality, recording artist, and actress Amanda Seals has decided to voice her opinion, and do something about it. This past Tuesday I was able to catch the media preview for her upcoming one-woman musical narrative entitled ‘Death of the Diva.’ This show challenges pop culture’s portrayal of women, one character at a time — very reminiscent to female comedians like Whoopi Goldberg, Tracey Ullman, and Sarah Jones. Melding melody and monologue, this hilarious, thought provoking show calls out the cause and effect of the overwhelming number of negative images of women in today’s media and gives rise to restoring the balance.


March is Women’s History Month and what better way to celebrate the power of women than by purchasing a ticket and heading down to The Helen Mills Theatre for the official debut of Death of the DivaThe Helen Mills Theatre is located at 137 West 26th Street, NYC and the show will run from March 23rd – 25th & March 30th, 31st, & April 1st.

To buy tickets and/or donate, you can visit: www.DeathoftheDiva.com
Written by: Amanda Seales
Directed by: Roger C. Jeffrey

–Roz Baron

“Death of the Diva” A hilarious one woman musical from amanda diva:


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