FWL :: Exhibits We Love :: ‘Go East’ at Joshua Liner Gallery

Friends We Love: Exhibits We Love :: ‘Go East’ at Joshua Liner Gallery

In the mood for a little west coast art? Currently on display is the much anticipated Go East exhibit — a collaboration between the Joshua Liner Gallery and curated by the Mark Moore Gallery. This is the first installment in a bi-coastal exchange between the two galleries and will exhibit during the New York editions of the 2012 Frieze and PULSE art fairs (running from May 3rd to 7th).

The show features Chad PersonFeodor VoronovKenichi Yokono, and Yoram Wolberger — four emerging artists represented by Mark Moore Gallery of Culver City, California. Their inspiring work features four unique perspectives on world economics, philosophy, pop culture, and a subtle yet significant approach to self-awareness.

Press Release: They say “a picture is worth a thousand words…” well, how about a thousand dollars? ‘Go East’ artist Chad Person explores today’s confluence of economic, political, and societal power structures by using a variety of media and forms, including installation, sculpture, drawing, and performance. For the ‘Go East’ art show he is presenting cut-paper on canvas works from his ‘Taxcut’ series. These images of tanks, armored vehicles, and other military equipment are created from actual U.S. currency, pointing to the pervasive influence of financial interests in the execution of government power.

The Los Angles-based abstract painter Feodor Voronov finds beauty and formal intrigue in drawing lines and repetitive mark-making, which fan out in prismatic bursts across his colorful canvases. Working in acrylic, pen, and spray paint, and often using the shapes of words as points of departure, Voronov riffs and expands on their graphic possibilities, creating complex interplays of line, pattern, and color. These spirited works evoke an ‘image of thought,’ drawing inspiration from philosophers Gilles Deleuze and John Rajchman and their investigations of the role of repetition in cognition and culture.

Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono finds a captivating hybrid in old and new culture. Working in the time-honored craft of woodblock carving, he creates pop-cultural images that draw on contemporary comic books, digital design, and advertising graphics.

Lastly, the San Francisco-based artist Yoram Wolberger plays with scale to emphasize attitudes about identity, place, and our sense of belonging. Working with molds and casting processes, he creates works in cast plastic and polyester foam that have a familiar appearance yet exist in an exaggerated register. (courtesy of the Joshua Liner Gallery)

‘Go East’ is currently on display till May 19th at the Joshua Liner Gallery,
548 W. 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY

Also, keep an eye out for the July 2012 “gallery swap” art show entitled, Go West, at the Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angles, California. Go West will feature Joshua Liner Gallery artists David Ellis and Kris Kuksi.

Mark Moore Gallery
5790 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

–Roz Baron



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