Están preparados para la revolución? Are you ready for the revolution? If you’ve answered yes, si, or yes in any language, then allow me to introduce to you the politically charged band named Outernational:  Miles Solay on vocals, Leo Mintek on guitars, Jesse Williams Massa on bass and Dr. Blum on trumpet / organ / keyboards and accordion.

Outernational is a Brooklyn-based band that is as punk, controversial and as multilingual as it gets. The band originally formed in 2004 (with a couple of lineup changes in between) and have been waving their revolutionary flag ever since. Their music speaks on socially conscious issues such as: immigration reform; the unscrupulous acts of the border patrol; SB1070; and violence against women in Juárez, Mexico. Their music has provided a mouth piece for current frustrations with our political environment and has given a voice to all those who’ve been denied one.

The group has created a big buzz in the indie punk rock scene garnering them attention from award winning musicians. Outernational has worked with Grammy award-winning legends, such as, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine + Audioslave and René Residente from Calle 13.

Their sound is a bilingual musical tapestry with a political edge performed with such intensity that I guarantee you will instantaneously become a faithful devotee. However, to put these fellas into one box wouldn’t be fair. As their pubic diversely grows, so does the box — or at least that’s how lead singer Miles Solay describes it in our sit down interview after their show at Dominion in downtown New York:


FWL: How would you best describe your sound for those who are not familiar with your band?

Miles: There’s no ‘one way’ to describe our music; we’re creating art and music that is transforming culture and changing the world — but we also wanna make you dance.

FWL: You guys have been on tour non-stop lately, what has been some of your best experiences thus far?

Miles: Well, this whole tour has been extremely special. We kicked off the tour in Brownsville, Texas then headed to San Antonio into Rio Grande City. Playing Rio was really special to me — there’s a border culture there that is really cool and I’ve been familiar with for a number of years. And bands like us don’t usually go down there — I mean, Intocable (English: Untouchable) is what typically plays down there.

FWL: Which song(s) do you absolutely love to perform live and why?

Miles: I love them all. There’s a different one each night; like tonight, we played ‘When The Ship Comes In’ by Bob Dylan. ‘Welcome To The Revolution’ and ‘Ladies Of The Night’, a new song off our new record really gets the crowd going.

FWL: What has the response been like to the new record and what message are you trying to convey with Todos Somos Ilegales / We Are All Illegals?

Miles: I think a lot of people are really enjoying our new record and I hope that it’s a microscope of all the things putrid and wrong with this society.

FWL: Todos Somos Ilegles is the new single off the new record, when will we get to see the official video?

Miles: For this video we wanted to incorporate our fans, so we were really lucky to get over a hundred donations of their mayday pics so we can splice them into the video itself. The video will also feature Chad Smith, Tom Morello and René Residente — It’s all still in post, but should be ready to premiere sometime in early June.

FWL: How did you guys hook-up with René, Chad and Tom?

Miles: All these guys are extremely busy doing their own thing, like promoting their own records, but are also a part of the movement and are involved in what we are doing. Tom’s our mentor and friend.  We’ve known Tom for a number of years; he produced two tracks on our last record and again for this new record. We met René through our producer Thom Russo.  When we were in the studio, René got to hear the early version to ‘Todos Somos Ilegales / We Are All Illegals’ and was like, ‘yeah, I wanna record on that!’ He’s a real deep cat… real heavy into politics.

FWL: Now that you’re in post tour mode, what’s next for Outernational?

Miles: We got so much going on right now. We’re releasing a lot of new music this year. We’ll be in New York working on some music videos and will be releasing soon our new EP entitled, ‘Here Is The Rose.’

**Update: The new EP is entitled ‘Future Rock.’

Outernational has released their new record Todos Somos Ilegales / We Are All Illegals via bandcamp with a ‘name your own price’ feature. To download a copy today, you can visit: outernational.bandcamp.com — y bienvenidos a todos a la REVOLUCIÓN!

– Roz Baron

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Description: Highlights of their live show @ Dominion NYC / Shot & edited by: R&B Productions


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