When people think of Northern Manhattan they usually envision Manhattan ending at Morningside Heights, and just figure the rest to be the Bronx — biggest misconception ever! But thankfully with establishments like Apt 78 flourishing on this side of the island, it’s quickly bringing in the noise and bringing in the funk! 

Last Wednesday’s kick-off ceremony of the much anticipated Uptown Summer Series event (which is in its second year) was definitely the hottest place to be (no pun intended)! The public came out in droves from all five boroughs, filling up the place to its maximum capacity. The event featured “The Roots” DJ, producer and drummer, Questlove and here’s what he had to say about the event:

“DJ’ing in N.Y.C. can be a struggle sometimes… you are one of the first crowds in the city, if not the first, that has allowed me to play classics all the way back to the 70s. Washington Heights, I’m loving it.” said questlove -DNAinfo.com

Every Wednesday until the end of August Apt.78 will feature legendary Hip-Hop DJs. The list includes: Kid Capri, DJ Premier, Biz Markie, and it is rumored that the owner Jose Morales is in talks with D-Nice and Q-Tip of “A Tribe Called Quest” to perform sometime in August.

But the festivities don’t end there — Apt.78 also features an extensive art collection on its walls by prestigious artists from all over the city. Artists such as, Bluster One, Joe Buck, Artek, Nelson Caban, Ed Ubiera, DISTER, and M.TONY PERALTA, (who also made the promo poster featured above) all whom have proudly contributed their artwork to the space, which by the way, is now currently available for purchase. Apt.78 is located at 4447 Broadway, NYC. For inquires you can visit their homesite Apt 78and always remember to keep it Uptown, baby!

— Roz Baron

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