Shawn Barber – “Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series” at the Joshua Liner Gallery

Los Angeles-based artist Shawn Barber‘s new solo art show, Memoir: The Tattooed Portrait Series, is an intimate recount of his two passions — tattooing and painting. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Shawn’s forthcoming hardcover book (bearing the same name), and is in its third volume of an ongoing series documenting the artistry of contemporary tattoo. He paints friends, comrades, and tattoo paraphernalia — with the emphasis on highlighting each artists’ craft, technique, and style. This is Barber’s second solo show at the Joshua Liner Gallery and his most personal work to date.

As a trade-off, we the viewers are exposed to a body inking subculture profiling the work (with some pieces as big as six-by-nine foot triptych of one of the world’s best tattoo artist, Shige aka Shigenori Iwasaki) the dedication to the trade, and family life.

If you are a diehard tattoo aficionado or a mere enthusiast, go check out Shaw Barber’s Memoir: The Tattooed Portrait Series currently on display at the Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, New York City.

For more inquires about this exhibition and/or to purchase artwork, you can visit their homesite by clicking here:  Joshua Liner Gallery.

–Roz Baron

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