Miles Solay: Vocals
Leo Mintek: Guitars
Jesse Williams Massa: Bass
Dr. Blum (aka Jesse Blum): Trumpet, Organ, Keyboards, Accordion
Nate Hassan: Drums

Spending most of their time on tour in the Southwestern border regions, Outernational is back to play this Friday night in New York City. Coming off of their third coast-to-coast tour in 2012, the boys have a special night planned for us New Yorkers.

On the heels of ‘Todos Somos Ilegales’ (check out my interview with lead vocalist Miles Solay here: OUTERNATIONAL) the band will celebrate their NYC release of their latest EP entitled ‘Future Rock.’ ‘Future Rock’ is a hard hitting guitar-driven EP produced by Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine + The Nightwatchman) —  an arsenal of blistering rock and roll, defiant lyrics and an infectious sense of rhythm with a worldly twist. The band and its growing word-of-mouth following are part of a culture in revolt against a revolting culture.

“There’s part New York City rock & roll band in them, and then there’s the myriad of world music influences that drives these songs,” Tom Morello told Rolling Stone for a feature about OUTERNATIONAL’s “We Are All Illegals” music video. The video was filmed along the US-Mexico border and including cameos from 100 fans plus Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/The Nightwatchman), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Residente of Calle 13.  The song and video even made headlines in Latin America, as Associated Press Noticias and CNN en Español reported on the pro-humanity anthem.

Camilo Egaña Introduces Outernational on CNN Español:

First single off ‘Future Rock’ EP – ‘Empty Lives’ – was highlighted in American Songwriter, with Miles Solay explaining the song:

“The song’s lyrics speak for themselves, I believe, laying bare the degrading and putrid nature of American society. This song is for those reared on that parasitic and illusory American Dream. How many youngsters think they’re so hip in aspiring to be like Tony Montana? How many are trained to think that being inside the Master’s house is the place to be instead of getting rid of the whole slave plantation itself?” No more. We declared ‘Empty Lives’ as the first single off of Future Rock because we thought certain things needed to be said right off the bat.”

Outernational – ‘Sir No Sir’ Official Video / (Track # 4 on the ‘Future Rock’ EP)

The concert is this Friday, September 14 at 92Y Tribeca (200 Hudson St) with special guest, The Skins, an infectious Brooklyn-based band consisting of siblings Bayli, Reef, and Kaya McKeithan, along with friends and dueling guitarists Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell. Although, they range in ages from 13 to 19, The Skins play like old pro’s, offering a soulful interpretation of rock that today’s audiences crave and proving that age doesn’t matter.

The Skins were recently featured on Adrian Grenier’s (of Entourage fame) music site WRECKROOM TV  — an indie music project that he runs out of his basement in Brooklyn. The site launched this past August and plays as a home-base for live sessions and bandcamp downloads for indie bands.

The Skins – ‘Killer’

Tickets for Friday’s show is $10 and the doors open at 9 PM. This is an ALL AGES event. To purchase tickets visit: http://bit.ly/Ng3X0o

Directions: A/C/E/1/6 trains to Canal St

Also, make sure you are following Outernational’s Twitter and Facebook account for the latest updates, show dates, photos, blog posts, and much, much more. Hope to see you all this Friday!

— Roz Baron

Outernational live performance at The Bowery Electric NYC / Song: ‘Outernational’ — Track # 5 on the ‘Future Rock’ EP


released 01 August 2012
(c) 2012 Outernational Music
All Songs Written by Outernational, Future Rawk (BMI)
Produced by Tom Morello
Mixed by Jim Scott at PLYRZ, Santa Clarita, CA
Recorded by Jim Scott and Kevin Dean at PLYRZ, Santa Clarita, CA; Thom Russo at Woom Room, North Hollywood, CA
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering
Photography: Andy Zee
Design: Kyledidthis
Keys: Trevor Welch (1,2)
Trumpets: Sonny Singh and Stewart Cole
Drums: Chad Smith (1,2), Gil Sharone (3), Joe Tomino (4,5)

To listen/download Outernational’s new EP Future Rock,  click the link below:




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