While many professional photographers are in the race for the latest gear, 16-year old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero uses her Canon 1000D and 50mm f1.8 lens to create incredible photographs. I recently came across her work on tumblr and her talent is truly extraordinary. This precocious photographer born in the iPhone era, is a rare breed of digital meeting traditional. Her trademark is de-saturating most colors and saturating non-traditional elements, creating visually stunning portraits.

Her impressive portfolio are mostly self-portraits — and while some may assume this must be the work of an egocentric, her face is her muse. She has an incredible range of poses; transitioning through countless characters, making her work unpredictable and pertinent.

Her latest photo series entitled “Tutti Frutti,” (currently exhibiting at this year’s Berliner Liste 2012 Art Fair) Otero cleverly uses fruit as a palette for bold makeup colors and hair. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t use studio lights for her photo shoots. All Otero needs is a natural light coming from the window and a lot creativity that is far beyond her years.

And although her work is garnering international success, as of yet she has not had an exhibition in New York City — but mark my words, she will.

“I love photographing the human face because it’s like a dictionary of emotions and ideas.” — Cristina Otero

To check out more of Ms. Otero’s work, click here: Cristina Otero Photography’s Photostream

— Roz Baron

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