“Displaced Vandalism” is the latest collection by artist Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez aka FEEGZ. This collection focuses on his experiences and how we reconfigure our values and beliefs based our surroundings. His aesthetic also challenges the notion of what is considered “fine art” through predicaments of historic and social cultural aspects.

FEEGZ’s work originates in the streets of New York City, although his journey in life has taken him to different states in the country (USA) – more specifically the Washington Heights area. Since 1983, Washington Heights has served as his muse – while his love of hip-hop culture and his Caribbean roots (he is both of Dominican and Puerto Rican decent) provided the spark to his creativity. With this collection, he delves into the complex history of these islands – broken by human passions, findings and disturbing conclusions that rarely gets showcased. His work challenges precepts and sensibilities of these taboo subjects that haunt these islands to this day.

Last night I had the privilege to see my talented friend be awarded the Proclamation award from the city of New York for his efforts in the arts at Ydanis Rodriguez District Office in Washington Heights.


“Displaced Vandalism” exhibition is now traveling to the Dominican Republic where it will make its debut at Estudio ELE SIETE located on calle Gasper Polanco 47, Buena Vista Santo Domingo. Show is curated by Angela Garcia and presented by art critic Rocio Aranda-Alvarado. For more info: 809.532.2220

And now for a little Q & A:

RBATC: What was the inspiration behind the collection?

FEEGZ: Part of the inspiration for this show was the desire to show my work in my neighborhood. As of late, I’ve been getting a lot of love but it’s all been outside of my neighborhood. To show in my neighborhood is very important to me because this is where I’m from. And, it was awesome to be invited by Reynaldo García Pantaleón  (fellow artist and curator) to have my work showcased at city council member Ydanis Rodriguez‘s District Office.

RBATC: For those who couldn’t make it to tonight’s closing, how would you best describe your work?

FEEGZ: These pieces are more tamed than normal because of the nature of the office – it is a politician’s office. So, pieces like “F*ck Brushes” were not going to be displayed here – and so these pieces are more aesthetically driven than statement driven. But usually my work is more statement driven.

RBATC: Would you say your background influences your artwork?

FEEGZ: Definitely. My work is all about who I am. Being Dominican and Puerto Rican, a graffiti artist from Washington Heights, and how all those issues intersect is pretty much who I am and what I paint about.

RBATC: How can my readers get in contact with you?

FEEGZ: Well, I’m googable now. [Laughs] I have a Facebook account under Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, and/or you get in contact with me through my good friend Roz.

*pause  from blushing writer*

RBATC: When is your next art show?

FEEGZ: I’m really excited for next show. I’m having a gallery show in the capital of D.R. Santo Domingo on October 2, 2013 in a space called Estudio ELE SIETE, and then I run over to Santiago for a museum show at Centro Leon Jimenes on Duarte. There’s also an upcoming show at NoMAA (Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance) with fellow artist DISTER Rondon sometime in January 2014.

Carlos and Me

Artsy besos,

Roz Baron


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