First and foremost allow me to say that this past Sunday’s Ladies Who Brunch was the perfect opportunity to network and increase your list of contacts. The brunch served as a catalyst to connect and/or re-connect with a sisterhood of Latina professionals amongst the Washington Heights community.


For the majority of the consenses, it’s hard to manage this fast paced adult life with work, graudate school, relationships, kids.  Ladies Who Brunch was the solution to this conundrum. Leo Bojos (talented visual artist and curator) and Pam Jones (fellow curator and DJ extraordinaire) , two proactive Latinas who had a vision of creating a social environment that will help build professional contacts amongst a talented group of ladies.  The announcement was to draw in all creatives – and let’s just saw the ladies came out to represent. The place was packed, but I was so elated to be around so many talented professionals.  I was lucky enough to have met up with my good friend and enterprenear Lerner Rodriguez (who has a line of accessories called FANCYD.CO) and through my friendship with her, I had the pleasure of meeting her colleagues who work in the same professional setting as her.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 5.01.49 PM

The event had a successful turnout – and let’s just say the next event is already bookmarked in my iPhone calendar.

Photo: With @kscopevision artist and curator for #ladieswhobrunch #latergram #latism #uptown #uptownlove

And now for some Q&A:

RBATC: Can you give me a quick description of yourself?

LEO: Hi, my name is Leo Bojos. I’m a visual artist, a creative planner, an art gallery venturer, a collaborator (I love to collaborate anything art related). And, I’m also a teacher – I do a lot! [Laughs]

RBATC: Where did you come up with the concept for this event?

LEO: Both myself and business partner Pam Jones had the initial idea for this event over a year ago – so it’s been in the making for over a year now. We wanted to create a social gathering for female creatives who are passionate about what they do and wanted to expand their networking circles.

RBATC: Is this the kickoff to a series of events?

LEO: Yes, this is part of my vision. I want to bring together Latina professionals in a fun and enigmatic environment. And, in developing this event, I can definitely see myself coordinating these events for the rest of my life.

RBATC: In attending these events, what are you hoping people will walk away with?

Leo: I’m hoping these events will encourage more ladies to attend. I hope it will inspire, women more specifically, to pursue their passions and trust their vision.

— Roz Baron


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