Hello, RBATC readers! We are back online like Lisa Lisa and Full Force (80’s freestyle music reference for you 1990s babies and above) – but enough jokes folks, let’s get into the “daisy” of things. We are only two months into 2014 and what better way to celebrate our rejuvenation of all things new than with this year’s New York’s Fashion Week. This past week, New York was in a tizzy with a bevy of new collections, free goodies, and giveaways for tourists and native New Yorkers alike. Now, being the culture-vulture that I am, of course I harped on the goodieship lollipop – and what a toot and a hoot it was!

MJ NAIL POLISHES Marc Jacobs is a renowned fashion designer with tons of accolades under belt, but with this year’s campaign for his “Daisy” fragrance, we here at RBATC tip our hat to sir Jacobs for this truly one-of-a-kind event. His PR people were on point with this generation’s fervor for all things immediate – they were able to market their product and translate it into dare I say, “techie speak” in promotion of the brand. What they’ve done to embrace this techie culture is campaigned what they’ve coined “social currency” in exchange for press. On Friday morning (February 7, 2014 to be exact) customers were greeted at the door with samples size perfume, a photo-booth to document the experience, free beverages and complimentary manicures – all in exchange of promotion of the Marc Jacobs brand via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Not too shabby, eh? 😉


Winning Prize The event ran for a total of three consecutive days, with tons of fans running to the pop-up shop. The event’s mission was to have fans snap the most creative picture – one winner would be selected and could walk away with an authentic Marc Jacobs handbag. And wouldn’t you know, I won! No, I wish – but, my lovely friend Melz who was gracious enough to accompany both myself and another friend, won a canary yellow quilted leather Marc Jacobs handbag – retailing anywhere between $500 and $1,000 dollars at Nordstrom. Yes folks, the tears are flowing as I write this… lulz, just joking. I was and am ecstatic that she won – you go, girrrrl!

Winning Prize Pic

Aimee Song - Fashion Blogger Now onto the important details of this event: as a collective of three, we were aiming to embody flower-power – and after several attempts later, we were the lucky ones. Our picture was the first to be selected by renowned Fashion Blogger and Interior Designer Aimee Song aka “Song of Style.” (To view her blog post on this very event, click here.) The Instagram pic selected was a gorgeous pic (if I do say so myself, lol) of three beautiful Latina faces. The pic circled major social media outlets that day, and then worldwide. Now that’s something to digest, am I right? We left the shop euphoric, and to be perfectly honest, hopeful that other brands (similar to Marc Jacobs) could take initiative in embracing diversity to this magnitude.

To check out the video recap on Time Magazine’s entertainment section, click here.

Langley Fox HemingwaySecond important note, I just adore when art meets the beauty (makeup/fragrance) world. This event was not only generous with a bevy of free goodies, but were giving in culture as well. The popup showcased artwork by budding young artist who goes by the name Langley Fox Crisman Hemingway – and if her last name sounds familiar, it’s because she is the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. Her day job is that of a fashion model, but at night, she’s a watercolor artist/illustrator with a flair for the ethereal. You can view her gorgeous work below and if you’d like to see more of her portfolio, please click here.

"Flower Power" Langley Fox

Artwork by Langley Fox

FYI: This was the Instagram pic selected…


take that Kate Upton! :p

What a far-out event, y’all! Sidenote: please excuse the 1970’s reference… just seemed appropriate to place here. lulz. Anywho waterloo, cannot wait for the next one so I can report back all the goodie deets. Se me cuidan y hasta la próxima. 😉

— Roz Baron


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