What does New York Fashion Week mean to us New Yorkers? Well, it’s only the biggest anticipated show for fashion designers, editors, writers, buyers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts like my drag-queen self, (lulz) but I digress. New York Fashion week is the pivotal moment where designers get to introduce their latest collections of wearable art (yes, this is a “Devil Wears Prada” reference) via the big tent at Lincoln Center. And with all the fashionable festivities taking place in midtown, I’ve always thought to myself why isn’t the same noise being heard north of Lincoln Center? We uptownies are just as rabid about fashion, so why are we not seeing the same festivities on this side of the island? Hmm… And here’s another anecdote, uptown is predominately Latino and according to the AHAA.org it was estimated that between June 2012 – May 2013 Latina women had spent an estimated 3.3B on clothing alone – making us Latinas 18 percent of the spending power during this past year. These are figures that can’t be ignored folks – but again, I digress.

Albania Rosario Taking into account the economy and spending power, Albania Rosario, Exectuvive producer for Uptown Fashion Week  has taken the initiative to make Fashion Week eventful for the northern tip of the island. She took this antiquated concept that fashion is to be reserved for only a privileged few, and has made it accessible for all to admire.

This year’s Uptown Fashion Week was housed at the majestic United Palace featuring over twelve fashion designers. Sponsors included  the Washington Heights Business Improvement District (BID) – who also partnered with the School of Visual Arts to create branding initiatives (via their Explora campaign) for visitors and local residents of Northern Manhattan. [Featured designers: Manuel Palferez, Versailles & Bella Salua, Brianna Basum, Adrianna Echevarria, Cleon Clothing, Carlos Vigil, Carlos William, Angel Ayala, Arjona Collection, Paul Carroll, Charles Dieujuste, Renatta Pruneda]


Goodie bags were provided by Q&A Nail Lacquer, a new nail polish Q&A GOODIE BAGScompany that was recently launched by Nail Lounge owner and entrepreneur Qiana Aviles. After much success with her nail salon, Ms. Aviles wanted to pamper her clients with something more personalized when visiting her salon while still providing a quality product. “I Heart NY” nail polish is my personal favorite. 🙂 To see more from this collection, please click here.


What an incredible night to be surrounded by a bevy of innovative and  powerful Latina women – empowering this generation and generations to come. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! Bookmark your calendars now mi gente, y los veo para la próxima.

Also, if you’d like to see a quick video recap of UFW2014, click here.

image5Pic above from left to right: myself, Angelina Ramirez (Executive Director at the Washington Hts. BID), Albania Rosario (Executive Producer of Uptown Fashion Week), Qiana Aviles (Nail Lounge and Q&A Nail Lacquer Owner/Entrepreneur).

— Roz Baron

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