E.Abreu Visuals

Hello, RBATC readers! I’m excited to fill you guys in on some really awesome news! On this site, I have written about a bevy of emerging and established artists, but this artist in particular is near and dear to my heart. His name is Emmanuel Abreu, (formally known as ArtByDjBoy) a self-taught photographer from the community of Washington Heights – and I am super glad to have witnessed Emmanuel’s professional expansion and growth as of late.

MS. VAN by E.Abreu VisualsFor us uptownies, he is a great friend, volunteer for our local neighborhood bookstore “WordUp,” and is an extraordinary visual talent. His work has been featured in a number of uptown websites, (The Uptown Collective) newspaper publications, (The Manhattan Times) and art web publication (Friends We Love) – and that’s just to name a few.

He has also been a very generous friend in lending his talent to the Roz Baron and the City website – and for all of these great efforts, I would like to take the time to inform my readers of his new professional endeavor. Emmanuel (E.Abreu Visuals) is the first photographer to particiate in this year’s The 360 XOCHI QUETZAL Artist and Writer’s Residency Program in Chapala Jalisco, Mexico. He is the first photographer to have been chosen for this residency – and was selected out of 160 applicants. “His work was chosen because it was so fresh and original. In a world saturated by photography and video, his work really stood out, which is remarkable.” – Deborah Kruger, fellow artist – online interview.

E.A. Photo by Alex Vega_n

The residency is free but he still needs funding for his month-long stay. He has started an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds, and is having his work exhibited a number of uptown events accepting donations. This Wednesday night, at the United Palace of Cultural Arts, he will be in attendance as his film plays backdrop for a special performance hosted by the Harmony Program string orchestra, the UPCA Circus Arts Troupe, the UPCA Youth Drum Ensemble and the WHIN Music Projects youth orquestra. Abreu’s film depicts the beauty and majesty of the Northern Manhattan community and was edited to complement the music, “Palladio” composed by Karl Jenkins. -UPCA Blog. If would you like to help fund Emmanuel’s art project, please click here. Or, this Wednesday, you can visit The United Palace for what is sure to be a spectacular night of extraordinary talent. Peace to all mi gente y hasta mi próxima publicación.

— Roz Baron


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