ROOM28 With all the controversy lately surrounding SNL’s incessant refusal to cast Latino writers in its 39 year run (with no sign of changing) just further proves how we Latinos need to fight even harder to get equal representation on TV. The census, the last two presidential elections, and countless statistical reports keeps proving how we Latinos are thriving – and yet, still no representation (that doesn’t involve some grotesque stereotype) on primetime? Ostracizing and no less berating countless Latino cultures to entertain who exactly, the masses? And at who’s expense? But one thing is for certain about us Latinos; we don’t wait and hope for change, we make it happen!

Following in the footsteps of comedic geniuses like Freddie Prinze and John Leguizamo, a group of talented Latino actors/writers have collaborated to provide a fresh perspective to the mundane. ROOM28 - GROUP PIC 2Room28 is the name of this collective and their comedy encompasses everything you’d want to see in a sketch comedy show.  They’ve wisely tapped into poking fun of their biculturalism without it being too heavy-handed nor offensive – take notes SNL. They’ve taken topics that concerns most young adults (work, love, relationships, sex) and yet have kept  it relatable for all spectators to enjoy – see SNL? It’s possible.

The gang has been active since 2007, but due to side projects and life changing events, the gang went on hiatus. In the last few months they’ve reunited, and recently played to a full house at 809 Lounge. The show was hysterically funny and filled with an arsenal of crazy antics that had the entire room in stitches with belly aching laughter – to this day I still can’t pass by a pilón (Spanish for mortar and pestle) without literally laughing out loud (click here to see what I mean)! If you would like to learn more about the gang and/or stay in the loop with more show dates, stroll down below.

Mi gente, stay tuned for more eventos y hasta mi próxima publicación.

— Roz Baron


What does Room28 mean?

There is a saying in the Dominican Republic that when someone is insane they belong in “el cuarto veinte y ocho” (room 28); a reference to the asylum located at the 28th milepost between the cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo. Here in the United States when you refer to Room 28, you are being reminded of a similarly insane group of people, but this time around they are comedic actors who are quickly taking the world of sketch comedy by storm. Since the early summer of 2007, this bizarre (in a good way!) group has brought laughter and bladder problems to thousands of viewers via filmed skits broadcasted on various Internet outlets. Highlighting anything from breakups to inventive ways of using ketchup, Room 28 finds humor in any feasible situation. And the humor is contagious. Everyone is now asking, “Who are these nuts called Room 28?” and more importantly, “How can I see more of them?” Well, the answer is simple; read through the blog and watch the videos. But, we must warn you; we are not responsible for the loss of breath or stomachaches our comedy provokes. Watch at your own risk!  For more info, show dates and pics, click here.

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