LULU'S SURPRISE PICHola querido readers, this is Roz Baron and the City giving you the latest and greatest relating to all things New York City. As of late, RBATC has been in a tizzy because *drum roll please* it’s New York Fashion Week! A bevy of top fashion and beauty brands premiere their fall collections – and let’s just say this Nuyorkina has been running around town like a mad woman. First stop: LuLu*s Annual Style Studio event. For those unfamiliar with the brand, here’s the 411: LuLus.com is a site featuring beauty products, apparel and accessories. Now, the incredible thing about their site is that they also feature a mix of aspiring and established companies led by women for women. LuLu’s Style Studio is their annual event for writers and beauty bloggers alike – and to be frank, it’s a writer’s dream. The gathering provides an opportunity to network with fellow journalists and female entrepreneurs; sample new products (not yet out in the market); take home goodie bags galore; indulge on specialty drinks; and the pièce de résistance, free clothes! Umm, need I say more? Of course I do, cause we need to share todos los details, verdad que si?

CROWD PICThis year’s LuLu*s Style Studio event took place at the very chic 404 NYC – three floors featuring beauty services, open bar, and a floor solely dedicated to clothes. Yes y’all, I’ve reached the fashion motherload! When I first arrived, ladies were already in line snagging their goodies, so I quickly grabbed my tote and started to stock up. As I make my way over to the NYX Cosmetics booth, I see my friend and fellow fashion blogger Cristina Pimentel getting her NYX fix. NYX rep and fierce makeup artist, Tomy Rivero did an incredible job in making her gorgeous eyes pop with a glitter-based eye shadow, topped with a magenta color lipstick from their “Butter Lipsticks” series. Makeup truly complimented her skintone – making me kick myself that I didn’t get there quicker, DRATS!

As she and I greeted each other, we noticed a tech savvy and interactive booth. Social media is such an integral part of how we interact and sell products these days, that it makes perfect sense to be present at such events. PHHHOTO APP 4 iOSPHHHOTO (exact spelling) is a mobile app for iOS that launched in July of 2014, and has been widely promoted amongst celebrities like Katy Perry and Nick Jonas. This app captures a series of stills in slow motion and then renders them – giving you an animated GIF style photo as the finished product. Dozens of women were intrigued, myself included. We were instructed to pick our favorite pose and voilà! Pics were automatically sent to our phones with zero trouble. Below is my pic, what do y’all think? Am I ready for my close-up Mr. Demille? • Sidenote: because our PHHHOTO app does not provide a code to embed onto wordpress, please feel free to click here to see my animated photo.


NAILS BY AI.SU.RU LACQUERAnd now for the mani portion to our post… yes queridos, you heard right: free manicures! My manicurist was this petite bombshell named Jaclyn Lam aka Aisuru Lacquer representing 100% Pure Cosmetics. NAILES BY AI.SU.RU LACQUERAll ingredients featured in their beauty and hair products are 100% pure and free of toxins. My manicurist was super bubbly, talented, and offered a variety of nail designs – loved her. End product was this gorgeous nude color accompanied by a champagne sparkly coat and heart shapped patterns to celebrate the day of amore. Compliments on my nails were aplenty throughout the night – can thank ya enough, guuuurrrrl. Kisses.





Other brands at the event were Sigma (a personal fav) featuring quality makeup brushes at economical prices. Their travel size kits are a must for any Nuyorkina on the go *points to self.* Shea Moisture was on hand for free massages and body lotion with hints of Mango – by the way, the scent is divine. Bodyography was my third favorite for their scented and practical lipsticks. Their ‘Electric Lip Slides: is a mix of lip gloss and stain. It’s formula showcases heavenly scents like Strawberry Daiquiri and fresh cherries – making your significant other want to kiss those smackers even more *wink-wink.* But what truly stood out for me was their sleek packaging and practical use of a wand. Having a wand for a gloss makes life so much easier and less messy of us “we don’t have time for this” kind of gals *again, points to self.* Fourth brand fave for their bold and sassy aesthetic is theBalm. Their aesthetic and typography is a playful nod to the 1950s and 60s – very “Mad Men” kitschy motif with an innovative twist. Definitely one to check out – if only for that brilliant sass. 😉


As the night evolved, we got a chance to sip on some yummy bubbly sponsored by HPNOTIQ. My drink of choice was the “Sea Breeze” – a concoction of Hpnotiq, lemon and orange rum, splash of club soda and squeeze of  lime. All drinks were served with a pretty lime wedge as garnish. Yum-uh-um!


STAIRWAY TO HEAVENAs they did last year, each invite received a color bracelet indicating which group of women were allowed onto the third floor – the heavenly floor, as I like to call it. Last year I was green, this year I was purple – go team Barney! When coordinators announced the indicated color, it was a free-for-all y’all. Dozens upon dozens of gorgeous pieces were there for the taking. I initially grabbed a white chiffon high-collar dress – heavy embellishments on the collar, but I was not living for its billowy cut. I then saw this cute little number at the end of the floor, and it just did it for me. It’s a simple black pencil dress – very versatile and hugs my Latina curves like a glove. Needless to say, she came home with me. All in all, it was a splendid pre-Valentine’s night shared with a group of powerful and leading ladies in the fashion and beauty industry. I seriously cannot wait to see the next batch of entrepreneurs on the rising. Below, check out the new addition to my armoire – and please, feel free to leave comments on my new dress and/or any additional info you’d like to share.

Until next time mi gente….

Artsy besos,

Roz Baron

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