Women Crush Wednesday: Happy BDay SJP

Carrie B. SATC BookI usually don’t do quick posts, but I had to give a big shout-out to my girl Sarah Jessica Parker for this week’s #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday via Instagram). Today, March 25, 2015, Sarah turns a fabulous 50 and looks as divine as she did on “Sex and the City.” Her poise, her elegance, and ability to make any garment look stunning are just a few reasons why she’s my source of inspiration – but to categorize her as a mere style guru would be an insult. Her drive and persistence to become the starlet and business woman she is today are the real reasons why she resonates with me. She came from humbling beginnings and was able to transition that adversity to fuel the empire she now fronts. I can remember seeing Sarah for the first time X amount of years ago (I will never date myself, lol) starring in the movie “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and wanting to be just like her. Yes, I was a big dance geek back in the day. But to be honest, that feeling of wanting to emulate her hasn’t really changed. Years later, I’d come across this TV pilot for HBO named “Sex and the City” and thought it’d be just another cheeky and eccentric sitcom. *Sidenote: I’m a big fan of odd programming hence my love of IFC films, but I digress.

The first episode was nothing out of the ordinary, but I loved how she’d think aloud her self-concisous neurosis and relationship woes. I immediately connected with this character and her feelings of “city life”. Years later, after the series finale, who knew I’d follow in the same foot steps both professionally and romantically. My work has been published, I’ve voiced my thoughts and concerns on a number of platforms, and I’ve never shied away from voicing my ambition for greater pastures much like Ms. Carrie. I guess only time will tell when I too can have a series of books in the market, God willing. But anyways, here’s my special Happy Bday post to the woman who planted the seed and planted the seed in others like me. Girls, raise your martini glasses in honor of this great lady, and let me hear that click. 😉 Below, enjoy a slideshow I’ve dedicated to my writing muse. Also, at the bottom is Sarah’s latest promo for her SJP Collection now carried (pun intended) by Zappos Couture. Videography is by Dominican filmmaker Jochy Fersobe. Un brindis para mi querida Carrie B.

Artsy besos,

Roz B.

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