Hola queridos! Que tal y como andan pasado este fin de semana? This year’s much anticipated (and often loathed) Valentine’s Day happened to fall on the second coldest day in New York City with record temps reaching only 10 degrees, but feeling like 2 due to the arctic wind. And you know exactly what that spells, right ladies? No sexy dresses need apply, queeee jodienda! Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what is a #nerdygirl to do, right? Sit at home? Twiddle her thumbs and think of unrequited love? I. don’t. think. so. No señor! For this year, I declared the bold choice to slide down the stripper pole (literarily) into the world of erotica. However, do not get it twisted y’all – this writer is no virgin to the S&M rodeo. My last sexy encounter with the underworld of fetishism was at the F*CK ART exhibition hosted at the Museum of Sex for the art blog FriendsWeLove.com – and let’s just say, it was one for the history books – semen ice cream included. So how can I possibly top that art show, you ask? Well of course by RSVPing to this year’s 2nd annual #DirtyShow (sponsored by #doNYC) at Greenpoint Brooklyn’s local pub the Tender Trap.

The #DirtyShow featured a wide arrangement of mediums (photography, paintings, elaborate installation pieces) all showcasing the likes of S&M, fetishes, and the small subtleties of what one could assume as being postcoital bliss. Some pieces were genuinely worthy – my inner nerd appreciated the sci-fi installation piece showcasing the art of fellatio. Felt like an X-rated version to Stargate’s vortex into the sexually explicit future. *nerd snorkel* Other pieces were a little more outlandish – let’s just say “just a little prick” keeps the doctor away was quite the conversational piece. Now as a means to visually wash down the titillating filth, we patrons we treated to Lagunitas beer, a dark ale and rather fitting detail for this particular night. Hedonistic tunes and striptease on both the stage and bar (with heels a-clacking mind you) were the piece de resistance.

Overall assessment: it was super fun exploring new avenues in NYC like Greenpoint; but the show itself felt a bit lackluster. Has it topped my previous experience at the Museum of Sex, no, sadly it has not. The space was too limiting and the entertainment needed to be continuous as a means to avoid boredom. Was it a great night to celebrate VDay and be amongst friends? That I would confirm with a resounding yes. To see more pics from this adventurous night, visit my IG feed by clicking here. Also stay tuned to #RBATC’s next city adventure where we explore the world of indie filmmaking, the Latin American edition. Por ahora se me cuidan y hasta la proxima mi gente.

Artsy besos, Roz Baron

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