For this special edition of #WCW, we here at SNKRBST.com are excited to announce the debut of “Counterfeit,” Spree Wilson’s latest music video collaboration with Fader Magazine. The singer-songwriter wanted to explore the #BLACKGIRLMAGIC wave by showcasing women of color in a positive light. The Brooklyn-based artist takes his influences from city life and his upbringing in Nashville, Tennessee to roll them all into one gorgeous music video. Spree admits that the concept for said vid is influenced by Robert Palmers’ famous 1985 video “Addicted to Love;” and although the setup is almost the same – gorgeous women behind the singer playing backup – the meaning is different. According to Spree, the video represents the following: [for the video “Addicted to Love”] “Mr. Palmer uses a white, European beauty standard, I decided to counter it with a strong cast of beautiful, BLACK women. Black representation in the media is extremely important to me, specifically the way black women are represented. With “Counterfeit,” I want to push the boundaries of society’s current beauty standards by celebrating the beauty of dark skin without the hypersexualization.”

For those unfamiliar (or for those who have been living under a rock for the last few months) the term #BLACKGIRLMAGIC is a social media firestorm started by writer and social activist CaShawn Thompson. She started this hashtag via all social media outlets to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women. Here’s a quick sum up: “#BLACKGIRLMAGIC is a term used to illustrate the universal awesomeness of black women. It’s about celebrating anything we deem particularly dope, inspiring, or mind-blowing about ourselves.” Source: HuffPost Style, The Meaning Of #BlackGirlMagic, And How You Can Get Some Of It.

This powerful social media movement has now sent ripples onto other facets of publications like Essence Magazine. They too were influenced by this empowering stance, that they have now decided to showcase a new weekly webseries entitled “ESSENCE’s Black Girl Magic Docu-Series.” First episode premiered yesterday featuring a young precocious artist and activist by the name of Sage Adams. To learn more about Ms. Adams and to catch future web episodes, please click here.

Style wise, the “Counterfeit” video did a bang-up job in paying homage to the 80s theme, accompanied by a colorful modern edge. The video’s stylist is none other than body positive and activist blogger Dana Suchow aka DoTheHotPants.com. Dana’s site concentrates on body positive images of all people, shapes and sizes. For this video shoot, she appears to have opted for lighter and brighter hues as a positive contrast to the bold dark hues from the famous Palmer video. The signature red lips is now replaced by neutral tones – making the iridescent orange ensembles and red belts the signature standout. Spree’s blue suit – possibly a representation of skies the limit – is a nice colorful twist.


Below, enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Spree Wilson; and please don’t forget to leave us a comment. What are your opinions on this newly revamped video? Does it represent the #BLACKGIRLMAGIC in all its glory, or does it fall flat? We want to hear you sound off. Also, follow Snkrbst.com via all social media outlets (@Snkrbst) to stay in the loop for all the latest and greatest. #ThinkLikeUs

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of SNKRBST.com
Twitter: RozB33


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