What can be said for the Oscars 2016? It was a night full of zingers thanks to Chris Rock serving as the show’s emcee. Awkward moments and pauses by the lackluster and Republican advocate, Stacey Dash. There was the upset of Colombia losing to Hungary with their film “Son of Saul” in the category of Best Foreign-Language Film. Lady Gaga’s Oscar nominated and stellar performance of “Til It Happens to You” for the film “The Hunting Ground.” And, of course, the big clincher (had to slip in that movie term) of the night, Leonardo DiCaprio’s big win for the movie “The Revenant.” Oddly, Leo’s win is for a film where he portrays a man stripped down to the bare essentials (pun intended) – even having to adapt to a native culture and language for survival – sounds familiar, folks? but we digress. Leo continues to set the bar with each passing role. Critics and fans alike all agree that this honor was well overdue. Some feel he should’ve won this prestigious honor back in his “Titanic” heyday. Others believe that he should’ve won for either “Catch Me If You Can” or “The Wolf of Wall Street.” What we can deduce from this win is that perhaps Leo could very well be our generation’s Opie, aka Ron Howard. Post win, maybe he’ll feel inspired to explore the “growing pains” of the director’s chair – guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, we here at Snkrbst.com are proud of our golden boy Leo and wish him much success in the near future. Atta boy, Opie!

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of Snkrbst.com
Twitter: RozB33


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